Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

Artwork Guidelines for t-shirt printing

If you can supply us with the artwork for your t-shirt design, we'd prefer that it be in a color separated file format. You can either e-mail your artwork to us, upload your artwork to our server or fax your artwork to (904) 642-3137. Joe's Tees cannot and will not reproduce any copywritten/trademarked logos or designs without express written consent. The screen printing process for t-shirts requires a separate film positive and screen for each color and print location of your t-shirt design. A color separated file format of your artwork allows us to quickly output your design to film for print setup. Here is a list of color separated artwork file formats that we accept along with other requirements:

Don't have color separated artwork? That's O.K., send us what you have!

Let's face it, not everyone is an artist! Most people who want custom t-shirts only have a clip art design with text, a hand drawing or just an idea. We can work with just about anything you send us. Complex artwork not in a color separated file format may be subject to an artwork fee starting at $35.00 to get it print-ready. We always send a proof to you before we start printing, so you always get the design that you want, the way you want it! Here is a list of image/artwork files that we accept for artwork re-creation:

Digitizing for custom embroidery

All logos and designs for embroidery must first be digitized before any embroidery can be done. If you have previously had your company logo or custom embroidery design digitized, the embroiderer should have your digitized file (.dst file) on hand. The files can be e-mailed or uploaded to Joe's Tees. If you do not have access to your digitized artwork file or if this is a new logo or custom design, then your logo will first need to be digitized first. Our 1-time digitizing fee starts out at $35.00 and may increase depending on the size and complexity of your artwork.