Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

What is t-shirt screen printing?

There are many different ways to decorate t-shirts with designs or logos. In our opinion, screen printing using Plastisol inks is the most durable and versatile method for decorating shirts. Screen printing is the art of forcing ink with a squegee through the open areas of a stenciled screen onto the t-shirt. The finished shirts are then removed from the press and run through a conveyor dryer at a high temperature so that the plastisol inks are cured and bonded to the t-shirts.

What's the t-shirt screen printing process?

There are several different t-shirt screen printing processes that we use here at Joe's Tees. The first and most common t-shirt printing process is known as "spot color". This method consists of printing a solid color from each separate screen onto the t-shirt. Gradient fills can be added to the screen printing artwork which helps to achieve different shades of any particular color. This can give the t-shirt design the appearance of having more colors than it really does.